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Sprint Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Sprint Rewards Card

The Sprint rewards card program is a specialty rewards program designed exclusively for Sprint authorized sales associates. Sales associates earn rewards for all qualified sales. There is no application process for the card, but sales associates must register for the program on the Sprint Rewards Me website [+].

Earning Sprint Card Rewards & Benefits

With every new activation, Sprint will add $3 to the sales associate’s Sprint rewards card. Upgrades are worth $1.50 each. When the sales associate earns $50 in rewards, a Sprint rewards card is issued to the sales associate. From there, rewards are calculated daily and added to the card in minimum increments of $9. If the sales associate earns a minimum of $600 in a calendar year a 1099 MISC tax form will be issued to the sales associate. All income earned through the Sprint rewards program must be reported on yearly income tax forms.

Redeeming Your Benefits

After the initial $50 income level is met, sales associated registered with the Sprint rewards program are eligible for a Visa card. The Visa card can be used at all online and offline retailers that accept Visa payments. The total amount available on the card will increased with each new disbursement from the Sprint rewards program.

Fee Schedule for the Sprint Rewards Card Program

There are no fees associated with the Sprint rewards program, but the income earned by sales associates is taxable income. Taxes are not deducted from the disbursements, so the sales associate is responsible for reporting the income and paying taxes on income at the end of each tax year. To check the balance on your Sprint rewards card, sales associates can log in to the SprintRewardsMe website [+].

Cancelling Your Sprint Rewards Card

The Sprint rewards card program ended as of December 2010. All funds were available until December 2012. Sprint rewards cards were cancelled after this date, so there is no need to contact Sprint to cancel your card. If there was a balance on your Sprint rewards card as of January 1, 2013, all funds were delivered back to Sprint. Sprint reserves the right to recall the program at any time, but as of November 2013, Sprint no longer offered the Sprint rewards card to sales associates [+].

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