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Sears Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Sears Rewards Card

The Sears Rewards credit card is available from Citibank. You can apply for a Sears Rewards credit card at the SearsCard website[+]. If you want to apply to accumulate points with, simply visit the website and register for an account. Take note of your member number and PIN as you will need these to redeem points when making online purchases.

Earning Sears Card Rewards & Benefits

Once you’ve received your Sears credit card, you are automatically signed up for the rewards program. Rewards are offered as special deals on select appliances. Customers can receive a percentage off the purchase price of designated items or financing deals. The Sears rewards card programs change monthly[+].

With Sears Rewards Card purchases customers earn points. You can check your point total by logging into your Sears Rewards Card account at the Sears Account Login page[+]. You will need the email address you used to sign up for the rewards account and your password to log in. An alternative to earning rewards with a Sears credit card is to sign up for the ShopYourWay program. With ShopYourWay, you earn points for shopping at retailers like Sears. With ShopYourWay, customers earn 10 points for every $1 they spend. Every 1,000 points is worth $1. Points can be redeemed immediately at the time of purchase, if applicable, or within one year of accruing the points.

Redeeming Your Benefits

Redeeming your Sears rewards card program benefits are as simple as using the card on select merchandise. The details of each reward are explained in the disclosures and exclusions listed at the bottom of the reward.

ShopYourWay points are redeemed at the register or online. If you are redeeming online you will need your member number and PIN. During the checkout you will be asked to enter both before redeeming points. You can choose to redeem all points or a portion of your point total at checkout for both online and offline purchases.

Benefits of having a Sears rewards card are different from the specific rewards, according to Sears. Sears claims benefits include:

  • Online Account Management
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Paperless Billing
  • 24/7 Online Account Services

You can find a complete list of Sears rewards card benefits at the Citibank website[+].

Fee Schedule for the Sears Rewards Card Program

There are no fees for using the ShopYourWay program, but there are fees associated with the Sears credit card. The current fee schedule for the Citibank backed card is available at the Citicard website[+].

Cancelling Your Sears Rewards Card

To cancel your Sears credit card you will need to contact Citibank. You can contact ShopYourWay customer service at 1-800-991-8708 to cancel your account.

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