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Direct TV Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Direct TV Rewards Card

The Direct TV rewards card is not a card customers can apply for. When Direct TV offers customers a reward for signing up for new service, expanding current service or extending service, the monetary reward is sent to the customer in the form of a Mastercard. The Mastercard is loaded with a preset amount of money from the Direct TV rewards card program. The card can be used where Mastercard is accepted, but when the total amount loaded on the card is used up, the card cannot be reloaded or used beyond that amount [+]. In other words, there are not credit card qualities to the Mastercard as it works more like a gift card than a traditional credit card.

Earning Direct TV Card Rewards & Benefits

Direct TV does not allow customers to earn rewards to be loaded on the Direct TV rewards card. Instead, customers earn the card with a predetermined reward loaded onto the card by making a qualifying purchase.

In some cases, the customer must fulfill various terms and conditions before the card is issued. For instance, a new customer may have to maintain their Direct TV account in good standing for a minimum of three months to receive the reward.

Redeeming Your Benefits

After receiving the Direct TV rewards card in the mail the Mastercard can be used in any retail store – online or offline – that accepts Mastercard.

Fee Schedule for the Direct TV Rewards Card Program

There are no fees associated with the Direct TV rewards card program, but customers may have to pay fees at the retailer if the retailer charges a fee for credit card purchases. If your card expires before you have used the balance, you can request a new card by calling 1-888-867-8032. There is a $5 replacement fee associated with requesting a new card [+].

Cancelling Your Direct TV Rewards Card

There is no need to cancel your Direct TV rewards card. When the amount loaded to the card is used, the card can be thrown away. The card cannot be used to make further purchases as money cannot be added to the card. If you are interested in finding out the balance on the Direct TV rewards card, call 1-888-867-8032. Have your card ready as the customer service representative will ask for the card number. Alternatively, visit the official website to enter your card number for a current balance [+].

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