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Citibank Prestige Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Citibank Prestige Rewards Card

Citibank Prestige rewards card is a program for travelers. Citibank accepts applications by phone at 1-800-841-8826 or through an online application on the Citibank website [+].

Earning Citibank Prestige Card Rewards & Benefits

Earning points with Citibank Prestige rewards requires nothing more than traveling and using your credit card. Points are earned on qualified purchases, flying and through relationships with other Citibank programs [+].

  • Travel Benefits: Citibank Prestige card holders earn up to $200 in reimbursed airline fees. Each year the card holder also earns one complimentary guest airline ticket when travel is booked through the Citibank travel provider. Additional travel benefits include, but are not limited to, travel insurance, baggage loss and access to Airport Angel lounges.
  • Points: Two points are earned for every dollar the card holder spends at restaurants. Points are also earned for everyday purchases.
  • Relationship Points: Relationship points are calculated on the one year anniversary of your account start. You earn 5% cash back on purchases up to $50,000, 10% cash back on purchases from $50,000.01 to $99,000 and 20% on purchases of more than $100,000. You can increase your relationship bonus if you have other Citibank cards or accounts.

Rewards and points do not expire unless the program is cancelled or you cancel your card. If the program is cancelled, patrons have 90 days to redeem rewards. If you cancel your card before redemption, you lose all accrued benefits.

Redeeming Your Benefits

You can redeem your points through the Citibank Thank You website [+]. If you have questions about cash back or other Citibank Prestige rewards program benefits, call the customer service department at 1-800-347-4934 or the phone number printed on the back of your card.

Fee Schedule for the Citibank Prestige Rewards Card Program

For a complete list of fees and Citibank Prestige terms and conditions visit the Citibank website [+].

  • Annual Fee: $400 for the card holder and $50 for each authorized user.
  • APR: 15.24%
  • Balance Transfer Transaction Fee: The greater of $5 or 3% of the balance transfer.
  • Cash Advance Transaction Fee: The greater of $10 or 5% of the cash advance.
  • International Transaction Fee: No international use fee.
  • Late Payment Fee: Maximum of $35.
  • Returned Payment Fee: Maximum of $35.

Canceling Your Citibank Prestige Rewards Card

Call 1-800-950-5114 or the phone number on the back of your card to cancel your Citibank Prestige rewards card. When you cancel your card you lose all accrued rewards.

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  1. Ramiro says:

    I just started to read your blog a week ago. Wish that I did a long time ago.Most of peolpe talked about AA cards. I am interested in Chase Ink. I have a rental property under my name for more than five years. Does it count as a business? I reported the income together on tax return. I applied Chase United right after I read your blog and get instant approval. I can meet $10,000 requirement if I use your blog on Office depot and bluebird. Thanks.

    • Lea says:

      MMS, thank you for the web site and the wonderful ifomoatinn that you have, I’ll be ready in Jan to start my adventure into this world, since my refi should be done in Nov. My CC limits aren’t high, however, after reading this thread, it seems that the CC companies want a credit limit of 5K or higher before they are willing to give the preferred cards out. My income is excellent mid 90k/yr credit score of 750, so what cards should I try for first?

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