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Citibank Forward Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Citibank Forward Rewards Card The Citibank Forward rewards card is a credit card designed for college students. While the card is part of the Thank You points program from Citibank, college students earn special rewards for making good decisions that positively affect their credit. Students can apply for the card […]

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Citibank Dividend Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Citibank Dividend Rewards Card The Citibank Dividend rewards card is one of the few rewards cards from Citibank that is not associated with the Thank You points system. Instead of rewarding card holders with Thank You points, Citibank Dividend gives card holders a cash back reward. There are two Dividend […]

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Citibank Thank You Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Citibank Thank You Rewards Card The Citibank Thank You rewards card allows card holders to earn rewards for cash back on qualified purchases. Customers can choose to apply for the card by calling customer service at 1-800-514-6236 or by filling out the application online [+]. Earning Citibank Thank You Card […]

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Citibank Prestige Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for a Citibank Prestige Rewards Card Citibank Prestige rewards card is a program for travelers. Citibank accepts applications by phone at 1-800-841-8826 or through an online application on the Citibank website [+]. Earning Citibank Prestige Card Rewards & Benefits Earning points with Citibank Prestige rewards requires nothing more than traveling and using […]

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American Express Rewards Card Programs

How to Apply for an American Express Rewards Card American Express offers multiple credit cards as part of the American Express rewards card program. Each card offers a different set of rewards, but all applications are available online[+]. Earning American Express Card Rewards & Benefits The three main types of American Express rewards card are […]

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